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Digital Marketing

From online advertising to Brand Campaign

Digital media Planning

No one can deny that digital marketing is now in the spotlight. With the good leverage of online advertising, SEO and social media tools, you can increase brand recognition, grow your business while decreasing your marketing cost. If you are still wondering, let us give you the answer.


In Google and other search engines, the results page often features paid ads at the top of the page, followed by the regular results or what search marketers call the “organic search results”. To differentiate it from traffic that comes through paid search, traffic that comes via SEO is often referred to as “organic search traffic”. Paid search is often referred to as search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC).

China Social Outsearch (Forum marketing, Wechat, Sino Weibo and online PR)

We help you reach a huge potential customer base in Mainland China by providing China Social Outreach service, which includes Mainland China forum marketing, Weibo, WeChat & online PR.

Traditional media buying

Media Planning

Magazines and Newspapers

Magazines and newspapers are important print media used by companies to deliver advertising messages. While they share similarities with print media, the strengths and weaknesses of each medium are different. Newspapers tend to offer opportunities for the broadest range of advertisers, while magazines are more focused on connecting with a specific group of audience.

Bus/ Minibus Advertisements

Media types include outdoor billboards, MTR station lightbox advertising, bus or high-speed rail train body advertising, and even airport media. We are cooperating with different media companies to build a new outdoor advertising rental platform currently.

Traditional media buying

Media Planning

Other Services

Raise the efficiency of your running campaign

Business Consultant Services

Business consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. These professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while assisting companies to meet their goals. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants when they need opinions when making decisions or require a catalyst for change in their companies.

Event Management

Our team of experts helps you create your digital marketing or O2O strategy. We also work with PR experts if you need to host events.


Help SME To Enter
China Market

Our company aims at showing the uniqueness of the business by providing comprehensive Internet marketing services according to our motto of “achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results”.


Penetrate to community


Tailor-made solution


Better business promotion

China Market

Dedicated to speical close market

WeChat Subscription Account

Quickiest way to gain audience

Strong User Base

The number of active user of WeChat has reached 100 billion, including different industries and different age groups.

Accurate Positioning

Followers of subscription accounts are also customers who have strong interests. There is then a high customer engagement. Hence, there would be more responses than spreading the branding message to ordinary users.

Diversified Solutions

Compared to traditional marketing ways, WeChat is more diversified and human-centric. It brings customers closer which made marketing more vivid and easier to spread.

High Reach Rate

As each message is sent through push notification, the reach rate is 100%.


Gain huge exposure on main search engine in China

Priority place in search engine

Always taking up the best display place of Baidu. Significantly increase the probability of being shown as result.

Huge Expsoure

Exposing your brand to huge number of audience

Programmatic Targeting

Through machine learning to target precisely to your most suitable audience. More click from them will generate more business.

Baidu Bidding

Gain huge exposure on main search engine in China

Mini Program – More advantageous services and experiences

With a mini program for your brand on wechat

Arouse less-engaged audience

Mini program can attract some audience that you seldom contacted

Better Introduce Your Brand

Within the mini program, you have much more room for better presentation about yor brand.

Push Message Available

Promote anything at anytime you decided.

Toutiao (Headlines)

Expose your brand at feature news headline

Lower Down the Barrier of Social Media Traffic Flow

Content marketing and the quality of the posts determine the amount of exposure. Reading view is based on “recommendation”, which does not require a large fan base and then lowers down the barrier of receiving traffic flow.

Accurate Positioning

The core technology of Jinri Toutiao (Today’s Headlines) is the smart information recommendation engine that is based on the company’s algorithm models. It uses machine learning systems for the personalized recommendation that surfaces content that users have not necessarily signaled a preference for yet. The innovative penetration mode of Jinri Toutiao (Today’s Headlines) changed or is changing the ways and habits of how people receive information.

Diversified Solutions

Jinri Toutiao (Today’s Headlines) encourages original and high-quality content output. Good posts and articles bring tips or advertisements. Thus, on the one hand, completes the spread of the branding image, on the other hand, receives extra earnings.

Toutiao (Headlines)

Expose your brand at feature news headline

Sina Weibo KOL: Largest Platform in the Era of Fan Economy

Making use of the fan economy, 260,000 contracted Weibo KOLs, celebrities, and big Vs provide marketing promotion services. “Word-of-Mouth Marketing” + “Topic Marketing” drives 261 million monthly active users (MAU).

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